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Rating Comment Type From Detail Date Report
positiveThrew in a pipe in my P&Q passBombergitfiddlView Detail08/09/2014 08:00 AMReport
positiveParticipant in my "P & Q" passPass MembergitfiddlView Detail08/09/2014 07:55 AMReport
positiveA great guy to deal withBuyerdubleuhbView Detail08/07/2014 04:58 AMReport
positiveThx for Sponsoring this Great Pass!Pass MemberjbshumidorView Detail07/27/2014 12:20 PMReport
positiveThanks for the Forgotten Classics PassPass MembersauraspopView Detail07/21/2014 08:33 AMReport
positiveStogiedad set up a sampler for me, great selection of sticks for a great price, thank you!SellerRemodelx15View Detail07/19/2014 08:41 AMReport
positiveForgotten Classics PassPass Memberkxthor911View Detail07/17/2014 05:26 PMReport
positiveGreat participation in the 2014 Camacho Liberty Distribution (Box Split).BuyerwescatView Detail07/17/2014 02:07 PMReport
positiveClassic pass!Pass MemberThe Burn WardView Detail07/16/2014 04:41 PMReport
positivebought 3 sticks from Michael, but he sent me 6 - :-) thanks BroSellerDogManView Detail07/16/2014 01:41 PMReport
positiveOpus XXX box splitBox Splitterkxthor911View Detail07/16/2014 01:39 PMReport
positiveCromagnon splitTraderThe Burn WardView Detail07/15/2014 09:35 PMReport
positiveDa Man!SellerdddddmorganView Detail07/09/2014 08:00 PMReport
positiveForgotten Classics Pass ModeratorPass MemberCamshaft83View Detail07/04/2014 12:51 PMReport
positiveMike gave me a great deal on is make room saleSellerBeegerplyView Detail07/03/2014 07:58 PMReport
positiveClassics passPass MemberJoelalaView Detail06/26/2014 11:43 PMReport
positiveGreat little trade TraderdirtyleafcigarsView Detail06/23/2014 08:26 PMReport
positiveClassics PassPass MemberBewareDaPenguinView Detail06/23/2014 07:00 PMReport
positiveGreat Gift off my Wishlist!GifternwbView Detail06/20/2014 10:10 PMReport
positiveGreat trade with a great BOTLTraderJackalView Detail06/20/2014 06:57 PMReport
positivePass Moderator - Forgotten ClassicsPass MemberLonghornView Detail06/17/2014 09:34 PMReport
positiveThank you TradergoatheadView Detail06/16/2014 04:45 PMReport
positiveForgotten Classics PassContest SponsorlubrixView Detail06/11/2014 09:33 AMReport
positiveA great bomberBomberdddddmorganView Detail06/10/2014 07:30 PMReport
positiveWanted a trade for some PDR Small Batch Black'sTradersauraspopView Detail06/10/2014 01:32 PMReport
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