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Newbie Intros / here and happy to be here!!!
« on: 07/23/2014 02:32 PM »
My son-in-law, Smurf, introduced to the "disgusting" (yeah right!) habit of toking almost three years ago by introducing me to the Dirty Rat. Now almost 300 different kinds of cigars later I am a "beleiver". A relaxing time with a cigar, a scotch and friends are some of the things that provide pleasure in life. I'm writing to say , "I'm in this army?".

my friend and son-in-law, Smurf, introduced me to the joy and art of cigars 3 years ago...  he has introduced me to 200+ different cigars which have all been winners, though some have been champions...  i am a died in the wool fan of Jonathan Drew and Drew Estates, but also have a great appreciation for the works of art of Rocky Patel...  recently when Smurf saw I was keeping a hand written journal of all the cigars i've smoked, as well as keeping the cigar rings, he referred me to Cigar Geeks...  haven't been here too long, but plan on staying a long time...  nota bene: Smurf's best fried CrazyK has also contributed much to my adopting this (nasty?) great habit... :biggrin:

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