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Site Discussion / Oh nooo, DDOS again?!?
« on: 03/09/2014 12:45 PM »
I hope it's not DDOS this time...


Do you ever smoke a cigar right after having received it? Or do you store it for a "minimum" of time, to let it "recover" from the journey and acclimatize?

And do you dry-box a cigar before smoking it? Especially if the humidity it is to be smoked in is dryer then the storing conditions?


Site Discussion / Site slow and unstable?
« on: 03/01/2014 03:10 AM »
The site seems quite slow and unstable from here I am sitting. Takes a while to load, especially the front page. Sometimes it times out completely, other times it gives an 404 or 503 error message.

ISOM / Storing young hygroscopic cigars
« on: 02/28/2014 09:26 PM »
I got a box of Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores last week. These are very young Cubans. The box code is JUL 13. And according to the supplier these young Cubans is highly hygroscopic, so if they are to be stored in the same humidor as mature cigars (such as Padron) over time; the humidor should be at 18'C (65'F) and 65% humidity. Storing them over 22'C (72'F) is not recommended and could cause the cigars to become mushy. Ideally they should be stored in a separate humidor.

I only have the one humidor, and it's climate is 20-22'C (68-72'F) with 65% humidity. And I do not really have the option of storing it at a lower temperature. I could place them in a Tupperdor, and try to find a cooler location for them I guess.

So I wanted to run this by the experts, what do you think?  :?:

How's life? / Family life, and the next cigar...
« on: 02/28/2014 03:22 PM »
After 4 PM the twins do not find sleeping as amusing as they do during the day, this is also true for most nights of course. The wife handles them on weekday nights, and me during the weekend. Since I get home from work at around 4 PM, that I see everyday are non-sleeping, crying babies...

2 x

So my thoughts drift to when I will get to enjoy my next cigar. What I will value most is the peace and quiet, the smoke will be a bonus. First change I have I'm getting in my car, driving to somewhere with a view, and lighting it up with some soothing music. Can't wait for nice weather, as that might be a while here...

That though, and when they smile, that's awesome!, is keeping me going... :cigarguy:

Site Discussion / Humidor seasoning article
« on: 02/28/2014 07:47 AM »
Noticed that there isn't a humidor seasoning article in the knowledge base. Thought I might write one, based on my recent experiences and have someone proof-read it. How would I go about that?

Humidors and Storage / Rotation of the cigars
« on: 02/27/2014 10:09 PM »
Some of you here suggested, on an earlier thread, that the cigars be rotated every month or so. I've come across some information on the internet that makes me wonder. (I know, the interweb is full of information that makes one wonder... :p)

The adorini deluxe humidor series has been designed with special attention to maximum air circulation within the humidor to ensure even storage conditions. Innovative features such as the unique ventilation ribs at the bottom and the side walls of the humidor, as well as the special tray design with extra ventilation openings permit proper air circulation within the humidor and even cigar conditions without the need of rotating cigars.

The "unique ventilation ribs" can be seen here.

First, rotation. I had seen several questions about rotating cigars in the humidor. At first I thought this referred to moving the sticks around occasionally. What I have found is that it is best to leave them alone. Rotation refers to rotating your stock in the sense that you want to put the new cigars in the back or on the bottom of your humidor and then smoke the older sticks. (Newer and older refers to the amount of time they have been in your posession, not the age of the cigar. Remember, your goal is to properly humidify and stabilize the moisture in the cigar once you receive it.) This gives your newer cigars a chance to stabilize over time to your desired humidity level. I have found that doing this has cut my uneven burn and "plugged" cigars down to almost nothing.

So I am a bit puzzled... When you say rotate; you do actually mean move the sticks around? Since my humidor has drawers, can I just shuffle the drawers?

My humidor takes 100-125 sticks and has three drawers. And looks like this.

Is it just me or is the cigar count on the Member Virtual Humidors page a bit off...? Doesn't seem to agree with the content of the virtual humidor.

I got myself a digital hydrometer a couple of days ago, because I suspected that the one in the door was off. Yesterday I placed the digital hydrometer in the same drawer as the analog, and put in three 65% Boveda packs after having just one 69% for a long time.

Well I do not really understand the readings I am getting, the analog says 74%, the digital 57%. None of them are even close to the 65% supposedly provided by the Boveda packs... Could it be that I have had to little humidification for a long tine and my humidor has dried out? And is now soaking up the Boveda packs?

It says on the website where I bought the digital hydrometer that it is highly accurate, can I trust that? I have not done any calibration or verification of such on any of them...

I've read that the more cigars there is in the humidor, the easier it is to keep the air humid and stable.

Do you practice a minimum amount of cigars in the humidor to avoid it being mostly air, and thus the air less stable?

According to this paper, humid air is lighter then dry air. So the top of the humidor should have a higher humidity.

Do you pay any attention to this when placing the cigars? Or do you just rotate regularly?

I myself use Boveda packs. I tend to use the 69% pack for the winter season and 65% for summer.

I have replaced the humidifier that came with the humidor for a dual Boveda pack holder:

I have a Adorini Chianti Medium Deluxe humidor:

What do you use, and what is your experience with it?

Hey, I just tried moving a cigar from the wish list to the inventory. Selected "Edit", removed the "Wish list" check box and saved it.

The result was that the cigar disappeared, is that suppose to happen?

Newbie Intros / New cigar enthusiast from Norway
« on: 02/24/2014 01:17 AM »
Hi all, I joined your wonderful community yesterday already I am a huge fan. Been looking for something like this :)

I have been smoking cigars for a some years now, mostly a summer thing for me as the winters here are not cigar friendly. I just became a father to two identical twin boys, and realize that I might have to step up my smoking game if I am to keep my sanity. So when buying a family home this year a place to smoke indoors will be high on the must-have list:)

Looking forward to sharing my smoking experiences with you guys :)

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