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Alcohol and Cigars / Nectar of the Gods
« on: 08/11/2014 12:40 PM »

Nectar of the Gods indeed, this whisky is damn good! I am having this with my next full cigar  :cigarman:

How's life? / I am still very much alive :D
« on: 08/06/2014 12:38 PM »
Hi brothers!

Long time no see, very long actually. Lots of things happened; super busy at work, leading a team of software developers in India :) Had three weeks vacation which we spend in my parents house, they were on their vacation in the sailboat. They have a great house, with a nice garden and a fantastic location. This summer has beaten all records in Norway, it's been so hot and humid that I've never seen anything like it! I had four Indian guys visiting for the kickoff for our development project, and they were commenting on the heat ;)

I think I've drank over four cases of beer while we were at my parents house, and smoked a minimum of two cigars a day. The twins were playing in a baby bathtub thing and life was just great! Completely off the grid!

Apart from that I have set up and is helping my wife run a web community for twin moms, which has taken up quite a lot of time but is actually going quite good :D

I have received some PMs from some of you, I truly appreciate that I have not been forgotten, and I will reply to them :) Also Michael sent something in the mail that I as beyond stoked about. I will address that in a thread of it's own, as it truly deserves.

So short story, life has been good, family is good, work is hectic, but rewarding. I am attaching some photos to show that it's not all lies!

PS: I now have both an Android pad and phone, so I'll be outside for my next herf I hope. Actually smoking this time!

Jokes / Why are these people performing?
« on: 06/26/2014 03:48 AM »
I'm filing this in the jokes section, because that's what it is. Why are these people on stage?

Anyway, try watching the entire show... Only 1 hour... :violin:

As the firetrucks and bomb squad passed me on my way back from work I didn't think much of it, I do after all live in a town with a population of 25.000... But when they veered down my street, and stopped in front of my house I got a bit suspicious. When I saw the bomb robot approach the smoldering ashes that had once been my mailbox, the suspicion grew. I was handed a box by the bomb tech saying that this was the cause of the commotion, it had Loren's return address...

Thank you so much brother, you really caught me by surprise with this one. I'll give them a try first chance I have and report back to you sir! They sure look tasty  :thumbsup:

 :dancing:  :dancing:

Alcohol and Cigars / Beer styles and cigars
« on: 06/16/2014 11:59 PM »
BigHop post about beer pairing got me thinking. I really enjoy Pale Ale, and have found that is goes extremely well (IMHO) with a medium cigar. Pilsner works with mild cigars, and my guess is that stout should work for a full cigar, although I haven't tried this combo yet.

If you have any personal experiences, please share them; I'm always looking for experiments involving two of my favorites things; beer and cigars  :beer:  :cigarman:

How's life? / Intense bike ride
« on: 06/13/2014 01:23 PM »

This looks intense!  :-0

I'm curious, what cuts do you guys use? Feel free to elaborate on the advantage of the different cuts.

I've never tried the v cut or shuriken cutter (which just looks weird), I did use the punch on my cigar lighter for a while but now I'm all about the straight cut.

While browsing the cigar database, or going through my wishlist, a feature like this would be very helpful.

How's life? / Sister got married
« on: 06/08/2014 06:19 AM »
Was the toast-master in my sisters wedding this weekend, and got to enjoy some cigars in beautiful scenery with some great people  :thumbsup:
Chinchalero Picadillo, paired with a local brewed IPA.
Oliva Serie O Cigarillo after dinner, paired with single malt scotch Glenlivet.
Cigars International CI Knock-Offs Cohiba - Pequenos when I eventually got drunk :-)

It was held at Engø Gård, a very special hotel that used to be a farm. It consists of many small buildings such as stable, barn etc. Very traditional old Norwegian farm layout, it's located right by the sea and the service is excellent. Very exclusive :-)

ISOM / Today's ISOM acquisition (Part I)
« on: 06/05/2014 03:12 AM »
I'm refilling my missile silo...  :cigarman:


Funny and informative! :biggrin:
But in all seriousness; I hope the ISP's don't succeed in !@#%$ing up net neutrality...

ISOM / Today's Smoke - ISOM (June 2014)
« on: 06/01/2014 03:45 AM »
La Gloria Cubana (Cuban) Medaille D'or No. 4, trying to do a review.

General Cigar Discussion / The art of cigar reviewing
« on: 05/31/2014 02:46 AM »
Reviewing a cigar is quite new to me, and I'm not really very good at it. My ability to pick up flavors is not yet fully developed. I have read the articles that addresses reviewing and flavors, and picked up some tips and tricks from the reviews themselves on this site.

But I feel I have to be alone, in a quiet place with something to note on to be able to even try reviewing. So my question is this; how is your review process? Do you review every cigar you smoke or is it a special ritual when you do?

For the last three weeks I have been logging the cigar database and review count every hour, well not me personally but a script I wrote. Wish I had done the same for my humidor count when I first got on here, I believe that would have had the famous "hockey-stick" shape.  :biggrin:

Anyways, thought this was interesting. The admins work in the database is clearly visible. Big ups to them and everyone that is contributing  :bigthumbs:

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