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Buy and Sell / Sampler packs for sale
« on: 07/15/2014 05:33 AM »


I've got too many cigars and too little space to buy more, so I'm offering two sampler packs, 20 cigars each, for sale.  Price is $70 = $3.50 per cigar, plus shipping.  (I prefer to limit this to US geeks, but may be willing to send further afield -- PM me and we can discuss).


Each sampler pack has the folllowing cigars (plus many others -- you can see them pictured below)

Padilla 1948 (one of the original Padillas)
Oliva V double robusto
Nat Sherman 1400 Series Palma Grande
Fonseca Cubano Limitado
Fuente Hemingway Work of Art
Perdomo La Tradicion Cabinet Series Sun Grown
Romeo y Julieta Viejo B (see

Hey, all.  I'm going to be sponsoring the Critique for the second half of April.  There have been a bunch of great new cigars critiqued, so I've been thinking about doing something a little different and re-visiting a cigar with some age on it.

Specifically, I was thinking about the Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Robusto.  (;area=showcig;cigar_id=32685;t=Casa_Fernandez_Aganorsa_Leaf_Corojo_Robusto)  It was a very good cigar when first released, and I'd like to see how they're doing with some age.  They also happen to have a box code, and my samples will be from a box dated December 29, 2010 -- a little more than three years old.  I'll post up some pics shortly.

UPDATED with the reviewers:


Due Date: April 10th, 2014


Bombs Away! / Jumberlack got me too
« on: 01/12/2014 07:41 AM »
He caught me completely unawares with this devilish offering:


Well played, sir, very well played.  My sincere thanks for your generosity.

Today's Smoke / Today's Smoke January 2014
« on: 12/31/2013 10:50 PM »
LP T-52. Happy New Year!

How's life? / Red Sox parade
« on: 11/02/2013 09:30 PM »
Was at Fenway on April 15.  After the game walked past the finish line 30 mins before the bombs.

Took my girls to the rolling rally today.

 photo 20131102_110354_zps3386cf76.jpg

Red Sox parade, Copley Square, Boston photo 20131102_093135_zps423b805e.jpg

General Cigar Discussion / Cigar-smuggling pigeons!
« on: 10/28/2013 06:11 AM »
Avian Artistry, With Smuggled Cigars

Pablo Escobar was loose. He darted across a noisy warehouse, searching for a corner to loom in.

He’s “kind of a bully,” said Duke Riley, the Brooklyn artist who trained him, watching Pablo flit around before landing on a ledge near the ceiling. Pablo Escobar is a homing pigeon, and an accessory — or an accomplice — to the latest exhibition by Mr. Riley, whose work often flouts both laws and common sense.

“Generally, I do things that don’t really seem that feasible,” Mr. Riley explained, “and then they tend to work out.”

But even by his standards, the pigeon project, “Trading With the Enemy,” strained credulity. In utmost secret, Mr. Riley trained a flock of homing pigeons to fly one way from Havana to Key West, Fla. Half the birds were flat-out smugglers, running Cuban cigars to the United States. The others were documentarians, outfitted with special cameras to record their 100-mile journey across the Straits of Florida.

The idea was to highlight the long history of pirating on the southern border, and also to thumb a nose, artistically, at the cutting-edge spy devices that may monitor the coast. Drones don’t care about pigeons.

“I wanted to subvert this billions-of-dollars high-tech system with things that were being used in ancient Sumeria,” said Mr. Riley, who researched pigeon history. In the early 20th century, they were regular messengers between coastal authorities in Cuba and Florida. “They would let a pigeon go,” he said, to signify safe arrival.

With objects and video — and live birds — “Trading” is part of his solo show, “See You at the Finish Line,” opening at the Magnan Metz Gallery on Nov. 1. He’s been promoting it by wheat-pasting posters around town.

In his artist statement, Mr. Riley, 41, calls himself a patriot, and he often sets his work on the waterfront, exploring the boundaries of institutions and authorities. In 2007, he was arrested after he floated a homemade replica of a Revolutionary War-era submarine too close to the Queen Mary II. (“Despite the fact that they were pointing machine guns at me in the pictures,” he said of the New York harbor police, “they were actually very nice.”) A 2009 performance in a reflecting pool in Queens, a staged naval battle, ended in a drunken, fiery melee.

This avian performance was riskier, Mr. Riley said, and he was coy about his methods. “How those cigars end up on the birds, I can’t say,” he said, carefully. “If a bird ends up in my pigeon lofts, that happens to have a cigar from Cuba, and there also happens to be a pigeon that has a video camera on it, that shows footage of birds flying from Havana to Key West with cigars — yeah, I can’t really say how that happened.”

The Treasury Department, which oversees the trade embargo with Cuba, was similarly flummoxed. “Oooookkkkkay,” a spokeswoman responded, when told about the project by a reporter. In a statement, she added that importing or dealing in Cuban goods is generally prohibited for “persons subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”

Mr. Riley will say this: He started the training in Florida last year with 50 pigeons; 23 went on the first mission, this summer. Only 11 returned.

That’s par for the course with racing birds, he said, as he gave a tour of the colorful pigeon loft which once was command central in Key West. It had been shipped back to Brooklyn and stored in a friend’s Gowanus metal shop. The cigar-carrying birds were named for notorious smugglers, like Pierre Lafitte, of New Orleans, and Minnie Burr, from Memphis, who transported supplies under her skirts during the Civil War. The documentarians were named for directors who had trouble with the law, like Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson. Mr. Riley painted portraits — or, depending on your perspective, mug shots — of all 50, which detailed their efforts (Pierre completed his mission; Minnie, alas, was lost at sea) to display and sell at the gallery.

Also on view: the pigeons’ harnesses, worthy of Etsy, fashioned from bright bra straps with adorably embroidered smuggling pockets; the half-dozen Cohiba cigars they held, cast in resin; and a split-screen bird’s-eye documentation of the flight.

The pigeon-cam footage is shaky but mesmerizing. Mr. Riley and his small team labored for years to lighten the cameras, doctoring them to record at intervals from multiple angles. The birds shot hours of video: takeoffs, landings, ocean, and quite a few stops in between. “I didn’t know they were going to take breaks,” Mr. Riley said.

A well-trained pigeon could make the flight in perhaps five hours. Some of his took two weeks. At least one landed on a Florida party boat, where it was quickly spotted, with cameras rolling. “It’s wearing a bomb!” a woman says, as a Jimmy Buffett song plays in the background.

Dara Metz, an owner of the gallery and Mr. Riley’s longtime dealer, said the piece, four years in the making, quickly appealed to her. It was, she said, conceptual, performative, political and funny — all hallmarks of a Riley work. Not that she knows how he does it. “When it comes to Duke’s projects, he’s always candid about what his intentions are,” she said. “He does not get into the details about how he executes them.”

She didn’t feel “Trading With the Enemy” needed the intervention of her lawyers, who might’ve cast a cold eye. “It might be bordering on illegal and pushing the envelope,” but she said, “I don’t think he’s ever putting anybody in jeopardy, besides himself.”

One pair of smuggler birds is for sale, for $100,000 apiece; the flock will be shown at Magnan Metz in the loft he built of wood salvaged from shipwrecks. Ms. Metz has enlisted interns and volunteers to care for the pigeons. “I’m hoping it’s as easy as he says,” she said. (What she had yet to consider: Pigeons mate for life, breed in artificial light and heat, and gestate for 17 to 19 days. The gallery may soon be a hatchery.)

Mr. Riley, who makes a living as a tattoo artist and has birds inked on his body, was first entranced after he rescued a pigeon as a boy. “I let it go and it came back,” he said. “You feel sort of connected to the animal after that.”

He even lived with them in a cheap attic loft when he was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. (The arrangement went over surprisingly well with girlfriends, he said: “You look like maybe a diamond in the rough — you know, like a sensitive bird-lover guy that just needs to be cleaned up a little bit.”) He keeps pigeons in Brooklyn, and simply mailed some of their babies to Key West, which is apparently allowed.

But even with his decades of experience, this mission involved “a lot of trial and error,” said Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie, Mr. Riley’s studio and project manager. The pigeons trained during hawk migration season and were prey. “One of them got nailed right in front of me,” Mr. Riley said.

Others were felled by disease, faulty doors in the coops and temperament. “You have to build up their confidence, flying over water, very slowly,” he said. Some of the strongest still disappeared on test runs. “It definitely doesn’t mean that they’re dead,” he said. “They just may not come back.”

Maybe the escapees merely feared the wrath of authorities. Mr. Riley admitted he was a little nervous himself. He envisioned pleading his case before a judge. “Am I at fault, or is the pigeon at fault?” he mused.

“A pigeon,” Ms. Sainte-Marie offered, “would look real cute in handcuffs.”

Maybe one of our OK geeks needs a Cherokee?
I am posting the contents here in case the link dies.  It's too good to go to Craigslist heaven.

1997 Jeep Cherokee - $1750 (Enid, OK )
[photos omitted]

 1997 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
 220K Miles
 4.0 L in-line 6
 AUTOMATIC Transmission
Bright Red
 Straight Stock
 Crank Windows, no cruise, no tilt, no delay wiper, no nonsense
Here's the deal, kids:
 This is a Jeep Cherokee. This is not a luxury SUV, or a maintenance-free disposable import. It has solid front axles, wind noise, and character.
 It's a Jeep. It rides like a Jeep. It drives like a Jeep. All of these are GOOD things.
 It is not new, it is not pristine, it is used. This will be apparent in the pictures.

If you do not own a toolbox, have never changed your own oil, and are scared of firearms: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
 If you have been posting on facebook all about how excited you are for pumpkin latte season: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
 If you get offended easy and often, whine to your co-workers, and bitch a lot: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
 If you feel you are owed anything in the world & have a bulls**t job where you fail to produce: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
 If you own a bieber album, white oakleys, affliction t-shirts, or those candy-assed stitched-pocket jeans: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
 If you consider the 2nd Amendment an anachronistic relic and have never owned a firearm: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.

If, however, you have BALLS OF STEEL and consider adverse weather an excuse to do stupid s**t: THIS IS YOUR JEEP.
 Do you laugh at danger, and tempt fate?
Have you ever uttered the words, "Hold my beer and watch this ..."?
 While bored at work do you pick targets at random and think, "I could hit that from here with the .22 ..."?
 Have any of your friends quit hanging out because you were too much fun?
 Do you have the number of a friend with cash memorized for bail?
 When you pass an abandoned flatbed farm truck along a fenceline do you consider taking on another project?
 Is your ol' lady really sick of the random piles of parts, greasy footprints, and empty beer bottles in the garage?
 -could you not care less?
 Do you have Jalopnik saved on your laptop AND smartphone?
 Do you own a service manual for every vehicle you ever owned?
 Do you still miss your first ride?
 Can you carry on a two hour conversation discussing tools, scars, and hi-lift jacks?
 Remember when tool companies had the balls to put half-naked beauty queens on their calendars?
 Do you consider the Prius an abominable affront to the Gods of displacement, torque, and All Mighty Internal Combustion?

If you answered in the affirmative to the preceding: THIS IS YOUR JEEP.
 -I am the second owner. First owner barely got it dirty and engaged the front axles once.
 -I have remedied this excessive caretaking with muddy roads and a pile of fun.
 -The motor uses a little oil. How much? I don't know, I'm not collecting statistical analysis points.
I check the oil, I fill the oil, I drive. Not enough to bother me.
-It leaks a little oil. How much? Not enough for me to care. It has 220,000 miles, Poindexter!
 If you have a vehicle with 220K NOT leaking or burning oil, it's empty!
 -Rear bumper has a big-ass crease in it. I dented it backing into a concrete pole. Sober.
 We drove away giggling, for the record. Haven't fixed it.
 -Driver's side door was caught by the wind, whipped forward, got into the LF quarter panel.
 -Radiator has a small leak. Pinhole. I can replace the radiator or you can. Really doesn't matter
 A new radiator and hoses will run $145. If you don't want to replace them I will.
Add $250 to the price of vehicle. This includes radiator, hoses, and labor (beer). A freaking bargain.
 -The badass little 4.0L bullet-proof in-line six starts and runs like the proverbial champ.
-Tranny and 4WD operate perfectly
-Tires will need replaced in a couple thousand miles. I haven't upgraded because I had plans:
 Had planned a small lift, upgrade to 17" Wrangler wheels, and more aggressive tires.
 Life got in the way - it ain't happening.
-Zombie stickers on the right rear window stay. My daughter's idea, take it up with her.
 -Flogging Molly sticker stays as well. They kick ass, so there.

 -Why are you selling?
 I can't justify owning it anymore. Motorsickles, kiddos, work, travel, and beer have consumed my time and money.
 Someone else needs to appreciate the Jeep for what it is: awesome mechanical artistry.
-What's wrong with it?
 Radiator. Small oil leaks. Driver's side door cosmetic issues.
And it's pissed it has been neglected and parked. It needs rescued.
-Does the 4WD work?
 Hell yes. Like a Dickensian Orphan.

-Will you sell me the [engine / tranny / rear door / axle / etc.]?
 No. I'm not in the salvage business. Buy the Jeep. Love the Jeep. Give the Jeep a home.
-Will you take [insert ridiculously stupid low number here]?
 No. If I wanted [ridiculously low number] I would have asked [ridiculously low number]
 Want a cheap car? Get your kid that lowered tuner piece of s**t honda project down the road.
I think I'm plenty cheap for this bad mofo.
-Why is it still stock?
 Because I bought it for a daily driver with the intention of turning it into a project.
 I haven't had the time to do so. So I am selling it.
-Can I put a 6" lift and giant tires on it?
 I don't give a s**t. But be sure to use quality components and for God's sake - get it aligned after a lift!
-Would this make a good car for my daughter?
 Hell. Yes. Not only a good car, a learning experience. Introduction to vehicular maintenance.
 Additionally, there isn't really enough room in the back for that little bastard she's dating to try anything.
-Can you deliver?
 Within reason. I'd drive it a hundred miles or so. But really, you should come get it. Look it over. Have a beer. Etc.
-Will you take a check / cashier's check / Western Union Transfer / Nigerian Promissory Note?
 Would you take a ball pein hammer to the forehead?
 No. I'll take Cash. Period. Bring cash or don't show.
-Will you ship to -?
 No. See above.
-No, really, all I have is [lowball dollar amount]?
 That's great, I don't give a s**t. Unicef ain't running this deal, and until they do I want $1750.
Why? Because I don't HAVE to sell this little beauty. Truth be known, I'd rather keep it.
 But if it's going to a good home - I will sell. Unless you're an a-hole - then no sale.
-Why are you such a dick?
 Everything is relative; you should see my friends.
Any other questions, feel free to reply to this email and ask.

Location: Enid, OK
 it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Alcohol and Cigars / A capital crime!
« on: 10/21/2013 05:58 AM »
Pappy's is hard enough to find without stuff like this happening.


Cigar Accessories / Lighters by the dozen
« on: 10/20/2013 12:27 PM »
As many of you know, I've long been a fan of Ronson Jetlites because they're solid, reliable, and priced right.

Some friends turned me on to this site, which offers a huge range of lighters. These are the ones that I buy the dozen

They are inexpensive, work almost every time, and will eat just about any butane you put into them. When they stop working, I dont care, I just toss them... they cost $2 shipped. I buy a dozen at a time.  If I'm out at a cigar lounge and lose it, no worries. If somebody needs a lighter, I can hand him one to take home.  
Not as fancy as a Dupont, of course, or even a Xikar.  But for the price of a Dupont I can buy 75 of these and have money left over.

How's life? / I love October!
« on: 10/14/2013 09:33 AM »
I was lucky enough to score some grandstand tickets. Lucky 'cause tix are hard to get, and lucky to be in the grandstand where there's some protection from the wind and the seating is so tight that you stay warm from sheer proximity to the people around you. And the people around you aren't the fancy, luxury-box people, but just regular folks who love the Sox and who'll probably tell their grandkids that they were at last night's game.

It was a great f'ng game.

Check out this GIF showing Hunter flip over the wall.

Buy and Sell / [FS] Viaje Oro Chico 5pk
« on: 10/07/2013 11:30 AM »
$40 shipped in CONUS.  PP F&F.

Picture is in my album at


How's life? / Red Sox clinch the pennant!
« on: 09/20/2013 07:18 PM »
Boston strong.

HOT deals / Slippery Rock deal on Camacho Connecticut
« on: 09/11/2013 10:02 AM »
NEW Camacho Connecticut at Slippery Rock Cigars

This is one Camacho smoke that doesn’t kick in the door. It knocks. And enters with a mild, smooth taste. But don’t mistake mildness for weakness. This smoke is 100% Camacho. With a spicy kick. Boldness meets balance. We think you two will get along.
The Camacho Connecticut is the perfect smoke for those craving something “milder-mannered”, but don’t want to sacrifice flavor. This is boldness meets balance. All the rich, deep flavor and spicy kick you’d expect from Camacho, without the knock-down power. If the name of the game is big flavor and smooth enjoyment, then the Camacho Connecticut’s got you covered.
From the start, the Connecticut shows an intense level of creaminess, which helps round out the spice and sweetness of the Corojo binder. Aleman Ligero from the Dominican Republic and proprietary Generoso (Honduras) tobaccos add to the profoundness of the flavor profile. The Connecticut wrapper pulls the blend together and helps enhance the overall experience by deepening the levels of flavor even more, also adding a razor sharp burn.

The Camacho Connecticut is what we consider to be “the utility cigar.” That’s right, like a pocketknife that’s got a bottle opener, soldering iron, and extendable fishing rod. It’s the one smoke that can satisfy everyone; at all times of the day and no matter the occasion.
For milder smokers, it’s an easy and enjoyable step up in intensity. For those that like all-out power and full-on flavor, we’ve got one thing to say. Breakfast is on us.
Available sizes:  Corona 5 1/2 x 44, Robusto 5 x 50, Toro 6 x 50, Churchill 7 x 48, Figuardo 6 1/8 x 54/42, & 60/6 6 x 60
Take 25% off, use coupon code: NewCamacho

Humidors and Storage / Limited Edition Scarface Humidor
« on: 09/11/2013 09:57 AM »
For you Scarface fans out there, look what Amazon has for you:

Inspired by the modern-day classic from acclaimed director Brian De Palma (Carlito's Way) and Oscar-winning writer Oliver Stone (Born on the Fourth of July), the Limited Edition Scarface Humidor is handcrafted by the world renowned Daniel Marshall for the ultimate collector and cigar enthusiast. A decadent collector's item limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, it pays tribute to Academy Award winner Al Pacino's (The Godfather) stunning portrayal of Tony "Scarface" Montana, one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film.

The humidor's exterior is hand painted and polished with Marshall's trademark ""1000"" coat brilliant finish, and its interior is made of untreated Spanish cedar complete with an analog hygrometer, guaranteed to properly condition and age approximately 100 cigars at optimal humidity levels. Expertly fitted with brass hinges in exemplary Daniel Marshall style and embellished with a custom medallion inspired by the iconic film, each humidor carries a numbered plaque, a certificate of authenticity with the designer's signature, and the Limited Edition Scarface Blu-ray encased in collectible SteelBook packaging with a digital copy of the film, a DVD of the 1932 version of Scarface plus 10 original art cards. The action-packed Blu-ray features an all-new eye-popping remastered picture, explosive 7.1 audio track and never-before-seen bonus features.

ISOM / Gobsmacked by Longhorn!
« on: 08/20/2013 10:36 AM »
I posted up wishlist recently in the Wishlist PIF chapter 4,  and I included a few crazy cigars that I never thought I'd smoke.  Well, thanks to Brad, I'll get to enjoy the following:

Cohiba BHK54
Cohiba 1966 EL 2011
Illusione Ultra OP No. 9
LG Diaz Small Batch 4
Room 101 Daruma Papi Roxxo

Take a gander here:

 photo LonghornPIFcropped_zpsa688ca02.jpg

Just one of these would have been awesome.  Getting all five is just *sick*!  

Thank you so much, Brad!

PS:  Brad's packaging of these cigars was as awesome as the selection:  in  a tupperware, with a Boveda.  You've raised the bar, sir!

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