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ISOM / My PIF from nwb
« on: 07/27/2014 10:54 AM »
Look what arrive in my mailbox.  :dancing:

I picked this up late last night when I came back from a family reunion.  I'm sure it arrived Friday afternoon.

I'm going to need nwb help me out on exactly I have here.

I think I have a:
Tatuaje Mummy
Tatuaje Jason
Four Kicks
Fior de Rafael Gonzalez Marquez
H. Upman

Thank you very much.  They will be well enjoyed.

Contests / Giveaways / Northwest Geeks Herf Contest
« on: 06/25/2014 03:14 PM »
I will do what I have done the past couple of years with this contest.  Here is what you need to answer:

How many people will attend the herf?
How many cigars will be smoked during the herf?
What percentage of our main ashtray will be filled with ash by the end of the herf?
How many cigars will be gifted between the attendees during the herf?
How many combined runs will be scored between the Tacoma Rainiers and the Fresno Grizzlies at the baseball game we go to on July 12th?

Thatís it.  The last couple years I have sent the same gift pack I have given to the guys at the herf to the winner.  I might do that.  No guarantee.  Whatever the prize it will be worth taking the time to make a submission.

If you are attending the herf or are one of the past two yearís winners, feel free to guess, but you are not eligible to win (you are already a winner).  Everyone else, you have one guess.  All guesses must be posted or modified no later than the end of the day July 9th.

Cigar Events / Northwest Geeks Herf IV
« on: 06/25/2014 03:11 PM »
Thanks to Bryan/metalhead for already posting on this.

Itís that time again.  Time for one of my favorite times of the year.  The Northwest Geeks Herf IV (NWGHIV) will be held on July 11-13 on the beautiful shores of the Puget Sound at my familyís place in Olympia Washington.  You are all invited.

Cigars, food, cigars, baseball, cigars, friends.  Thatís the plan.  Come for a day or for the weekend.  Check out some of the previous years to see how much fun we have.  I have space for people to stay.  In previous years we have been small enough for everyone to stay at the house.  If we ever get bigger than that we will figure something out.  I would love to have that problem.

We will be going to the Tacoma Rainiers game on Saturday night the 12th, then off to Smokey Joeís lounge in Fife.  I need to know by July 2nd if you plan on going to the baseball game.  I will be buying the tickets on July 3rd.  Tickets are $11.  If you plan on coming to any other part of the herf please let me know by July 9th so we can properly plan for food.

Inside the house is smoke free, so smoking outside only.  I probably donít need to include this, but tobacco only.  I know there are other substances legal in Washington State, but I donít plan on any of the Cigar Geeks Northwest Herfs ever going there.

Any questions please PM me.  Hope to see you there.

How's life? / Where Iíve Been
« on: 06/25/2014 03:01 PM »
Hello all.  Welcome to everyone who has joined the site in the past 11 months.  I hope you have all been well since we last ďsawĒ each other.  With the Northwest Geeks Herf a little over 2 weeks away I am finally getting on the site.

I did not intend to take a long break from the site, but many things came together to distract me from spending time online and I just hadnít gotten around to getting back into it.

Shortly after last yearís Cigar Geeks Northwest Herf my computer stopped working.  We didnít save up for a replacement until just a couple months ago.  Hard to get online without a computer.

I was supposed to have some minor nasal surgery a couple weeks after the herf.  During my pre-op process it became apparent that my diabetes has gotten worse, and I was failing to control it through diet and exercise.  The medications I have been trying have had some unpleasant side effects; mainly that I am tired quite a lot despite the fact that I now sleep about 3 hours more a night than I did before starting the medication.  The surgery was postponed until last fall and achieved one of the two things we were hoping for.

My wife is doing well.  We had one big scare, but fortunately after a couple tense days of waiting for test results, it ended up being nothing of concern.  She had some residual problems with infection that responded well to treatment.

As most of you know Iím a stay at home dad.  My sister used to take my kids some, but, good for her, she got a job last July and is no longer able to take my kids.  My mom used to take the kids on Fridays during holidays and summer, but sheís not up to full days most of the time anymore.  I thinks she will probably be moving to a retirement community in the next year.  Sheís put money down on a place, but is not doing much to prepare to move.  She is starting to have memory issues.  I donít think she wants to move, but thinks she should.  I spend a lot of my free time trying to assist her.

I have been getting occasional work on the weekends doing insulation removal.  Mainly under houses.  I donít like it, but itís work.  My kids will both be in full day school starting next year, so I have been applying for jobs that I can do during the hours they are at school.  Mainly, jobs at the schools in the area.

So thatís some of what Iíve been up to.  I doubt I will get back to my previous level of participation on the site, but I hope to get back to some regular presence.  Smoke on.

How's life? / Catching Up
« on: 06/29/2013 01:42 PM »
Well I have to say I am as about as relaxed as I have been in a few months.

First off, my wife is doing well.  She is finally beyond the majority of the pain and her healing is going well.  She is doing the occasional Tylenol or Advil and is starting to resume some normal activities.

I am out smoking the last of my Round Robin cigars and will post my reviews when I am done with this one.  I feel good about my guesses, which means i will probably get them all wrong.  The Round Robins are fun.

Once I clear a few more PMs I will be able sent some out again.  If you have been waiting to hear from me it should be soon if not today.

I am taking my son to a baseball game tonight.  The Mariners single A short season team plays about 10 minutes from the house.  Parking is free and I get the $5 tickets, so itís a fun inexpensive outing.  I haven't done anything just him and me for a couple months and we are both excited about it.

I am also getting excited that the NW Herf is only a couple weeks away.  The last two years were great.

Contests / Giveaways / NW Geeks Herf III Contest
« on: 06/18/2013 02:11 PM »
In conjunction with Cigar Geeks Northwest Herf III we are going to have a related contest. I will ask 5 questions about the Herf. The member who has the least total variation will win.

1. How many people will attend the NW Geeks Herf?
2. How many cigars will be smoked from Friday through Sunday, Jul 12-14?
3. What percentage of the ashtray I am bringing to the Herf will be full by the time I clean up on Sunday?
4. How many combined runs will the Tacoma Rainiers and the Reno Aces score at the baseball game we may attend on July 13th?
5. How many total cigars will be gifted among geeks that attend the Herf?

The winner will get part if not all of the gift pack I have for the Herf attendees.

One guess per member. Members attending the Herf are not eligible. Cut off to make a guess or edit your guess is the end of the day Jun 30th. Give me a couple days after the Herf to figure out who won.

Cigar Events / NW Geeks Herf III
« on: 06/18/2013 02:03 PM »
I know it has been mentioned a few times but I wanted to make sure eveyone knows you are all invited to the NW Geeks Herf III.  It will be held at my family's cabin, on the shores of the Puget Sound in Olympia, WA July 12-14th.  I have been very busy with many things and have not been on the site much, but this is happening.  You still have time to get a plane ticket or organize that carpool from Gerogia (input your state here).

The last two years have been some of the best times I have had in my life.  Smoke, eat, talk, repeat.  Simple formula, but it works.  We have gone to a Tacoma Rainiers game (Seattle Mariniers AAA team) the last 2 years and can go to another if we all decide we want to again this year.  Last year after the Rainiers game we also visited Smoky Joe's cigar lounge in Fife, WA.

Come for the day or the weekend.

How's life? / My wife is progressing nicely
« on: 06/18/2013 01:45 PM »
We are now almost 3 weeks post surgery.  My wife is progressing along about as well as could be expected.  Her pain level is still higher than hoped, but we are told in the normal range.  She did have a couple set backs, but we are beyond those now.

I am a little worn down from the whole experince, but I think that will start to get better.  She is due to be back at work before we have the NW Geeks Herf.  Her father is going to come stay with her that weekend.  She should be at or near 100% by then, but it will make me feel better knowing she will have someone with her that weekend.

How's life? / My Wife is Fine (Surgery Update)
« on: 05/30/2013 01:58 AM »
My wife is doing okay.  I just got home from the hospital about 30 minutes ago.  Long day.  They didn't schedule the surgery until 12:30pm and didn't start until 2pm.  It lasted 6 hours.  Add an hour on for recovery, I spent and hour or so with her at the hospital, then I went and got the kids and well it's late.

They were able to do all they wanted, including the reconstruction.  They told me there was a lot of bruising and the immediate concern is that all the skin stays viable.  I'm glad this step is over.  She is already moving one of her arms fairly well, and the pain seemed to be manageable.  I expect her to be released from the hospital tomorrow (I guess that's actually later today).  She is off to nursing care for a couple days, and I hope to have her home on Saturday of Sunday.

Thanks again for all your well wishes, support, and prayers.

Bombs Away! / MT21's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 03:21 AM »
Mark and I have exchanged many, many cigars.  I'll get him back at the NW Herf in a couple months.  He is one of the two Geeks I have had the opportunity to spend the most time with.  We're about 90 minutes apart and end up getting together every 3 months or so.  His was the first of this massive bombing that I received and opened.  I wish you all lived as close as he does and we cold all get together and herf.  In it is a BOTL. Mark is a true BOTL and a true friend that I would not have probably ever met if it wasn't for this site.

Drew Estate BOTL 2012 Limited Edition
Don Lino Africa Duma
Gran Habano Habano #3
Padilla Miami
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro Natural L-250

Bombs Away! / ntanner's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 03:09 AM »
I have been hanging onto a Mysterio for a little while now.  I have been doing better at smoking my higher end cigars, but I have not been able to let myself smoke that one.  I am happy to get another.  Now I will smoke one and get back to letting the other sit in my humidor.  I have also not tried the Nat Sherman.  I'm looking forward to it.  Thanks.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro Mysterio
Nat Sherman 140 Series Omerta
La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB
La Aurora 1495 Series
Padilla 1948 Edition Limitada 2010

Bombs Away! / DonM's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 02:59 AM »
Nice shooting, Don.  I have had the pleasure of 4 of these.  The Maduro is my favorite 601.  I am intrigued by the regional cigar that you put in.  It's cool getting a cigar you couldn't pick up yourself.  Thanks again.

Rocky Patel Decade
Best of Tampa Cigars
Padron No. 3000 Maduro
601 Serie Blue BP Maduro
Man O' War Puro Authentico

Bombs Away! / lowpro's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 02:50 AM »
Some good looking cigars here.  I think that's a Mummy.  I like the Cuban Blend and haven't tried it in the lancero.  I expect that to be good.  Candellas can go up or down.  Should be interesting.  Rich is the one who introduced me to the Liga Privada, and they are one of my favorites.  Thanks for the nice selection.

Tatuaje Monster Series: The Mummy
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend
Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie UF-13
Jose L. Piedra Nacionales
Drew Estate My UZI Weighs A Ton Bait Fish

Bombs Away! / 87North's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 02:38 AM »
When Dirty Harry asked "did you hear 5 shots or 6?", Wes answered 7, and I do feel lucky.  I think I have seen that Tat before, but I need help figuring out which one it is.  I have tried and like the Virtuoso, but I have never had the torpedo.  The LFD Oscuro is tasty, and I think that Viaje will not be in the humidor long.

Padilla Habano
Carlos Torano Virtuoso Crescendo
Vengeance Maduro Ligero
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Epicure
Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project
La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro No.3
Viaje Oro La PequeŮa

Bombs Away! / nwb's Coordinated Carnage
« on: 05/19/2013 02:25 AM »
Nathan, thanks for the cigars and your expanded part in this attack.  I am told that I may never know who started this, but many have told me you helped coordinate it.  These are all tasty looking cigars.  I have been looking to try a El Primer Mundo.  It has a nice aroma.

Camacho Diploma Series (Corojo) 08/22
Emilio AF2
El Primer Mundo Liga Miami
La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero DL-600
La Sirena The Prince

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