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Contests / Giveaways / The REAL Official August Contest
« on: 08/08/2014 08:13 PM »
OK geeks talked to my brother IndyGopher and we came up with the contest. I joined Cigar Geeks Jan. 3rd it's now August 8th, since joining I have kept close tabs on my virtual humidor, as well as smoking and buying a lot of smokes :smoker: 1st question is guess how many cigars I have smoked since joining cigar geeks as of today, I have a number written down already. Part 2 will be guess what IndyGopher's last round of 18 holes of golf was. Guess the total number for both combined questions. Whoever is closest wins the prize pack! If 2 people have the same guess whoever's post is 1st wins. Also, in the spirit of Vegas some of the items in the prize pack came from our trip there recently! Good luck :thumbsup:

Contests / Giveaways / Official August Contest
« on: 08/02/2014 01:00 PM »
Coming Soon I Promise :-) I need to talk to my brother, IndyGopher, we have an idea of what we want to do I believe, but he just moved into a new house so he's in the process of moving this week/ weekend. Just wanted to update everybody real quick, but will post up the contest soon & I'm putting the prize pack together. Thanks :biggrin:

Just wanted to let everyone know again that is a great online seller. I recently ordered some Mode 5 Cromagnon"s, and they accidentally sent me some Intemperence Intrigue cigars. I wasn't mad it just wasn't what I ordered. They were tasty looking little sticks so I emailed them and told them I'd be willing to keep them if we could work out a deal. Well I didn't even get a chance to haggle as Andrew told me to keep the cigars as it was there mix up and they shot my new Mode 5"s in the mail straight away the next day!! I have worked in a shipping dept, when I was younger, and know mistakes happen so I was surprised when he told me to keep the sticks and they would correct it. I again tried to offer to pay something for them but he wouldn't let me. Just a class act all the way, I know some geeks have asked about them so I figured I would post up and give them another good mark! Emails were all answered quickly and my problem was solved promptly with a very generous solution! :-)

Trades / Splits / Newbie Trade With Kevin (Kevin48438)
« on: 05/16/2014 04:51 PM »
Kevin and I worked out a little trade, he sent me some Lanceros and I sent him a few things he wanted. Very cool BOTL even included a hitchhiker EP! Thanks for the trade bro I'm looking forward to smoking these! I actually am taking the Cain Lancero to Vegas with me so I'll keep ya posted on that one!!

Thanks again Kevin!

Small Batch has a few 3-packs of the new limited edition Lancero available. Price is $40 but if you use code: should give you 10% off + FREE shipping!!! So that's $36...pretty good price on a harder to find stick right now. I'd love to try one but I can't spend any cash on sticks right now!!! If somebody picks these up I'd love to try one!! They said there shipment got shorted so not sure when the next stock will come in, and the 10% promo ends this month!! Just thought I'd let the geeks know!! :-)

As much as I'd like to order a few more Feral Flying Pigs I need to hold off until after my trip to Vegas! :biggrin: just wanted to let you guys know the Unico line of sticks is available at Small Batch Right now + free shipping & 10% code on all orders as well!! Pretty good prices on the sticks!!

Free Shipping + 10% off codes is: rcigars


These will be gone I'm sure so get them now if you want a good price!! :smoker:

Bombs Away! / OSOK Bomb by CavenBK (Bradley)
« on: 05/05/2014 02:16 PM »
So I went in on the box split with Bradley and Chuck on the OSOK Dark Master vs Leroy sticks, I only bought one coffin but it was cool they let me in on it. Well CavenBK (Bradley) obviously didn't think that sending me just 1 coffin was enough so he included a nice bomb along with them! Thanks for the sticks brother! I will certainly enjoy these soon as I've I cranked up my smoking since it's been nice and I've been playing a lot of golf! Super cool I appreciate it my friend! :biggrin:

Humidors and Storage / Penguin's Wineador!
« on: 05/01/2014 03:17 PM »
Sooooo as a few geeks have also stated they quickly run out of storage after joining the site, I too fell victim of this slippery slope :biggrin: so I did what any normal geek would do, build a wineador!! I had Forrest at build the shelves, and although it took an excessively long time (about 11 weeks) they shelves finally arrived and they do look great, and fit perfect!! I purchased a hydra off the devils site and also have jars of the black ice on each shelf, overkill but that's the geek in me :-) So just wanted to share I got a great deal on the wine fridge and it will contribute to my habit and hold around another 250-300 sticks since my aging table is getting quite full!! The added storage will come in handy!! Seasoning it now, sticks to go in next week!! THANKS CIGAR GEEKS!!! :lmao:

ISOM / Special Occasions Pass Box - Complete!!
« on: 05/01/2014 03:06 PM » is some great cigar porn for you guys!! This is the completed Special Occasions Pass Box!! You guys are the ones that made this happen I was just enjoying the ride!! :thumbsup: Great job geeks!! You guys rock!! Hope everyone enjoyed the pass & enjoy your Special Occasion Cigar takes!! :smoker:

Bombs Away! / Mojo Pass Bomb #2
« on: 04/28/2014 03:28 PM »
Well Mojo felt it necessary to sneak a bomb into my pass as well! He had some awesome PUTS but also took it upon himself to hit me with a sweet 5er as well!! Super cool move and a couple I haven't tried! As the weather heats up I've had some more time to smoke so I will most definitely be enjoying these very soon! Thanks for the sweet sticks! I need to send my end of the pass up to him... :shades:

Bombs Away! / Hebron Bomb
« on: 04/28/2014 03:14 PM »
Hebron (Thomas) our friendly geek across the pond decided to hit me with a sneak attack bomb! Totally unexpected!! I hit him with his recent PIF, and he did not waste anytime in blowing up my mailbox! He must know that I've had a thing for Ashton VSG's lately...he took a look in my humidor and felt I was getting low and needed to re-up on them :biggrin: Well all I can say is thank you very much my friend!! Super cool bomb!! I've had my eye on this sampler for some time ready to try out some of the other VSG sizes!! Thanks again my BOTL super classy move!!

Bombs Away! / Burn Ward Golf Bomb
« on: 04/21/2014 03:38 PM »
So I split a box of Little Monsters with Jared, and he sent over his end with a few extras in there!! Couple of really good smokes and a new golf glove!! Man super cool bro and there's a guy who knows I've been playing every chance I've gotten so far this year!! Thanks a ton for the golf bombing bro! :biggrin:

Cigar Events / Pinar Del Rio Event In Quad Cities
« on: 04/17/2014 04:57 PM »
So we had an event I forgot about until the last minute yesterday the 16th! Went down and met co-owner Sean Williams of PDR and a rep. Left to Right its PDR Rep, Me :biggrin: and Sean Williams. Had a good time, they did the buy 3 get one free so I picked up 3 I haven't tried and got a PDR Small Batch for free, as I have a few and I know most people like them. It was a good time, met some friends down there had some sticks and a few drinks! :beer: Met BOTL Beegerply (Byron) down there as well, I just took a quick pic when I was leaving. Real nice guys!  :cigarman:  :smoker:

Ok geeks I need your help!!! My anniversary is fast approaching in June and my wife bought me some My Father cigars on our wedding. So in honor of that I'm looking to make our anniversary a "special occasion" cigar. So what DPG cigar or blend would you suggest I pick up. He's got a lot of great blends so you can use your imagination. I'll take maybe the 3-4 and run a poll and then I'll pick up the sticks at a later time. So availability could play a part for sure. It can be a nice cigar but if it's impossible to find it's not going to work. I considered the Antillas cigars, but I smoke a lot of those so I need something a little more exotic. Thanks for the help geeks!! :biggrin:

Bombs Away! / Burn Ward Bomb!
« on: 03/27/2014 12:10 PM »
Bought some sticks off of Jared when he was selling off his friends stash....I opened the box and realized there was a lot more sticks in there then I had purchased!! Our resident Burn Ward decided to sneak in an epic Ashton VSG bomb on me!! :biggrin: I have been loving these sticks and he must have noticed on the threads I was trying to get my hands on a few before my vacation! Very sweet bomb my friend! I will be taking a few of these to Vegas with me so I will be enjoying them on vacation :bright: - mission accomplished!! Very, very generous bomb! The geek generosity continues here and never falls short of AMAZING!! Thank you very much for the sticks my friend!  :cigarman:

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