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New York, United States
Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe (Albany, New York, United States)      Submitted by burn1 04/27/2008 08:29 PM
Stopped by this shop to grab a few smokes. Really nice place that sells cigars and accessories. They also sell Pipes and Tobacco. They have a large walk in humidor with a huge selection of brands. The employees are nice and knowledgeable. They also have three house brands two which are rolled elsewhere and shipped in and one which is rolled on site. They also have a deck out back to sit down and enjoy a cigar and good company.
Edleez Tobacco (Albany, New York, United States)      Submitted by Brlesq 07/14/2010 03:22 PM
Family owned and run local B&M that has been in business for 28 years. Located in an affluent strip center that has boutique clothing stores and plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating. Walk-in humidor with a decent selection of cigars. Store also sells pipes and tobacco. Website is for general informational purposes only and does not yet offer inventory or on-line ordering.
Valentin Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 09:56 PM
Very small shop in the Little Italy neighborhood of the Bronx. very cheaply priced Dominican Sticks nothing fancy but nothing bad either. They are extremely friendly and ready to throw someone a freebie every now and then. Only one or two seats so it's hard to enjoy them there.
Royal Dominican Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:27 PM
This shop is across the street from Yankee Stadium and it's my go to place after going to a game. They have their house blends and their selection is small but always rotating usually some Oliva, Fuente, and some Rocky Patels. Prices are really no different then Manhattan so it's expensive.
Rosario Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:53 PM
Hand made rolled on the premise. walk in humidor and a wide variety of the owners different blends. The prices are more expensive then other shops with their own blend but they have the most variety. They take request and have a lot of infused and flavored cigars for beginners.
Morris Park Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:15 PM
Nice little shop/lounge in Morris Park, they have some house brands but the guy at the register didn't know much about them. One of the few cigar shops in the bronx where you can get more then just the owners blends. Very cheap compared to Manhattan but still expensive cause you're still in New York. A few couches around to sit and enjoy the smokes too.
La Casa Grande (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 09:40 PM
This is in the Little Italy section of the Bronx, they have a retail market of Italian deli's, pastries and such. Right when you come in You can see a few guys rolling the cigars on the premise in their stations and a walk in humidor off to the side. You can't sit there and smoke but you can go to the back and get some great food to take home with you. Mostly Dominican Honduran tobacco with various wrappers.
Higuero Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 08/10/2012 01:59 PM
What this place lacks in selection and flash it makes up in character and atmosphere. The owner Elvis is the nicest guy you could meet, he lives upstairs and will always offer you his wife's home cooking or a glass of wine or whatever he has int he fridge. It's BYOB here and you can relax watch some TV or play some dominoes.
Don Luis VIP Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:10 PM
Local hand made cigars in the Parkchester neighborhood. Ventilation could be better but they usually have Dominoes games going on and you can always step in and play a few games. The cigars are all Don Luis' own they're okay moderately priced.
Cuba Cigar LLC (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:02 PM
In the Little Italy of the Bronx, this is a very low-key place very hard to find. A little more expensive then what you can find across the street on Arthur Avenue but I think the quality is much better. Very friendly woman working their, and seats to enjoy your cigars.
Country Club Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 10:58 PM
The widest selection of the shops in the Bronx, reasonable prices you find any deals as your in NYC. Nice lounge once a month they have a jazz band play Ventilation isn't great your clothes will smell upon exiting. Friendly staff and they're very helpful
Arthur Avenue Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/04/2011 09:49 PM
In the Little Italy section of the Bronx, this place offers their own house blends, and a comfortable place to enjoy them at. Nice big leather chairs with plenty to read or you can play chess bring your laptop or watch their TV. Prices are very reasonable the same as the other places in the neighborhood.
Amadiz Cigars (Bronx, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/30/2011 11:55 PM
Nice little place in City Island, they have some house blends but also carry premium blends. It's City Island so everyone is there for the seafood so it's a pick up a stick after a great dinner, but it's way too out of the way to make the trip frequently. Some beat up leather seats but a lot of space so you don't feel crowded.
Cigar Emporium (Brooklyn, New York, United States)      Submitted by bmac7754 08/04/2014 09:41 PM
Cigar Emporium offers a variety of premium cigars housed inside of our walk-in humidor. We have products for all smoker types: Pipes, rolling cigarette machines, loose tobacco, hookahs, water pipes, eCigarettes and accessories from personal humidors, lighter, cutters, cleaners and more. Cigar Emporium is also a one stop location for gifts, collectables and souvenirs.
Virgil Ave tobacconist (Buffalo, New York, United States)      Submitted by Machine646 11/04/2013 11:51 AM
Great staff,Rocky Patel lounge great spot to watch the game.Very well stocked humidors.
Park Lane Tobacconist (Clifton Park, New York, United States)      Submitted by Brlesq 12/10/2012 09:45 AM
In addition to its walk-in humidor, this store also has a large pipe and pipe tobacco selection, and also offers other Gentleman’s gifts, such as shaving goods, imported fragrances, and bar accessories.
Nice Ash Cigars (Depew , New York, United States)      Submitted by Machine646 10/21/2013 10:14 PM
The Cigar Republic (Elmsford, New York, United States)      Submitted by Vinopoll15 08/28/2013 07:21 AM
There is a Lounge but it costs 1000 a year to be a member
Tony's Smoke Shop (Fairport, New York, United States)      Submitted by Anthony 09/12/2009 06:10 AM
Great place, nice atmosphere and a huge walkin humidor. Had a herf here with a few BOTLs a couple years ago and enjoyed it very much.
Smoke Shop (Fairport, New York, United States)      Submitted by kennyg 04/08/2011 12:09 AM
This is a terrific smaller cigar shop located in Fairport NY. Nice large walk in humidor housing hundreds of good sticks. Prices of cigars range from $6.00 - $20.00 Soda is available, as is seating via leather couch and chairs. Nice relaxed atmosphere. They even have lockers available to store your cigars on premises.
EDLEEZ (Fredonia, New York, United States)      Submitted by Duker511 04/01/2008 08:16 PM
Edleez has a large walk-in humidor with a great selection of cigars and hundreds of types of pipe tobacco. If they dont have it in stock, they will get it for you. Also a large selection of chewing tobacco and snuff. Large selection of accessories for cigars and pipes. Plenty of comfortable sitting room with magazines, TV, and coffee and soda. Very friendly staff that is ready, willing, and able to help with your needs.
Duke Bazzel Tobacco & Lounge (Latham, New York, United States)      Submitted by Brlesq 07/14/2010 03:35 PM
Classy looking local B&M located in a strip center that has a walk-in humidor and a cigar lounge. Also has cigar lockers available for regulars. Good gift and tobacco selection. Offers soft beverages, but BYOB is OK. Regular in-store events occur.
Kieffer's Cigar Store (Liverpool , New York, United States)      Submitted by DomP 02/26/2013 11:02 PM
Nice B&M with large walk-in humidor. Prices seem reasonable for this area. I do remember seeing seating here, but it is limited. Lots of accessories and pipe tobacco available as well.
Carnegie Club (Manhattan , New York, United States)      Submitted by blondie 11/08/2013 11:42 PM
Good place to go for a drink and a smoke. 10.00 cut fee if you bring your own., or buy a house cigar for 14.
GoodFellas Cigars & Fine Tobacco (Medford, New York, United States)      Submitted by CigarJeeper 06/17/2014 09:28 AM
i've only been in this place a few times. mostly when i'm down with the wife visiting her family. They have a good variety cigars and pipe tobacco and various assecories, the also have a nice lounge to enjoy your smoke. i think they offer non alcoholic drinks and chips but i'm not positive. And for you shooters out there they are next door to a nice shooting range so you can sit down with a good smoke after a day at the range
Cigar King (Nanuet, New York, United States)      Submitted by Voexum 08/10/2010 02:02 PM
This cigar store sells cigars and the accessories that you would expect, plus they have an awesome selection of lighters. In the back of the store there is a bar that you can go to and have some drinks and enjoy a smoke. They do serve drinks but unfortunately no food.
Hudson Valley Cigars (New Windsor, New York, United States)      Submitted by Darrenhicks 05/18/2012 07:45 AM
Wow. This place has it all.... Great cigars. Great knowledgable staff. Wonderful Owners Glynna and Neil. It's a small lounge but it open up into a "sports bar" where cigars are allowed... The Steakhouse connected to this bar is amazing. The food is awesome and staff is great. Many cigar events during the course of the year. Some regular customers... I am one.... I hit this place sometimes 3-4 times a week. I love the Atomsphere and the friends I have met here. Great selection of cigars. You can't go wrong coming in buying and enjoying the presence of men and women who just enjoy a great cigar lounge. 5 stars this place!!!!
The Cigar Inn (New york , New York, United States)      Submitted by steven lopez 01/30/2012 12:43 AM
This place is a true gem in NYC. They have a beautiful walk in Humidor which smells of cedar wood and premium cigars. There is a wide selection from average to high priced and very fair priced house blends. One of my most favorite things about this place is that there is a B.Y.O.B policy with no corking fee! I personally love a cigar followed by a good porter. They sell espresso as well as softdrinks. The decor is comfortable and classy. Hard wood floors mahogany tables and very comfortable leather couches and chairs. There is usually Jazz playing which is one of my favorite things about the place but on many occasions I have heard classical music and occasionally down tempo trip hop. Not bad. This is an ideal place to kick back and enjoy a cigar especially with a drink. There is another location on 71st and 1st ave. I have never visited this location but the worst I have heard was that it was a bit smaller.
Smoke Scene (New York, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 08/11/2012 12:38 AM
This place is basically a convenience store for tobacco and paraphernalia. The have a nice and varied selection of smokes you can't smoke there or anything but the workers are helpful and the prices are about as good as your gonna get in new york.
Q Cigars (New York, New York, United States)      Submitted by Analyze 11/24/2011 02:37 PM
Small little place in Lower Manhattan with their own house blend a little pricey but good sticks. They have another shop uptown in Inwood haven't been there though.

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