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Kansas, United States
Huff & Puff (Gardner, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by grogo67 07/20/2010 01:52 PM
A small little hole in the wall in my hometown that sells a small handfull of cigars and basic accessories. Oddly enough the owner does not smoke and can offer no real advice or help.
Feerick Smokes and Candy (Joplin, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by mattmancool34 02/09/2009 05:08 PM
This is a small smoke shop that offers a walk in humidor and is the closest cigar shop to Pittsburg Kansas. This shop has a surprisingly good selection of cigars and lighters with a few humidors. Most smokes are offered at a little less than msrp but its worth it for the placement
Smoke Hut (Olathe, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by grogo67 07/20/2010 01:54 PM
Offers a modest selection of cigars that are over-priced. The owner does not smoke and therefore cannot really offer any help on making a selection.
The Outlaw Cigar Company - South (Overland Park, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by tsd6 02/03/2010 06:38 PM
Have to say I enjoyed my time at the Cusano event in Jan, 2010 at their new "South" location. As mentioned of their other location in Missouri, at their event they had great catered food (+ free beer and BBQ pork and beef, and a whole roasted hog, traditionally cut by the cigar manufacturer present) for all, paid for by Outlaw. There was a suggested donation, which went to send cigars to US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are pictures all about the walls of grateful troops with their new stogies. Also, flags flown over their bases there. And the requisite good looking ladies, on the walls as well as walking about. There was a member storage humidor locker room, a well stocked pro shop with cigars and pipe bits, huge walk-in humidor. The same excellent leather seats were there, among the many HDTV's on the wall. Wifi for free topped it off, making it easy to network with like minded men and ladies, and get some work done as well. While during the week they normally don't sell food on site, many spots deliver to there, and they do have menus on site for a few spots. They support "Cigar Rights of America" and are one of the regular meeting spots for the Kansas City Cigar Aficionado Club. Altogether, highly recommended !
Cigar and Tabac ltd (Overland Park, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by mattmancool34 08/03/2009 06:39 PM
Has a nice collection of good premiums including anejo and opus x and offers a fair amount of seating. Also what i really enjoyed was the company there is never snobby, you can go in sit down have a cigar and enjoy a conversation with anyone there including customers and the store manager.
Jake's Smoke Shop (Shawnee, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by Samiam2007 08/23/2012 10:48 AM
The smoke shop is attached to their bar. It is rather busy over the weekends, so if you are wanting a nice, quiet smoke, I would go over the weekends. Didn't see a humidor, but I did get suckered into buying cheap cigars that had been set out behind the counter for Lord only knows how long. Most the people have no idea what they are selling. So bring your own cigars or perhaps they have a great stash somewhere that I didn't see.
The Humidor (Wichita, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by xblue 05/15/2011 09:00 PM
A really great cigar lounge and walk-in humidor, I buy all my smokes here. They have a friendly staff that's always eager to help you in making your smoke selection. Once you've made your cigar selection, then retire to the comforts of overstuffed leather easy chairs with fresh roasted coffee, high definition televisions, fireplace, patio, music, Wi-Fi, and the company of fellow aficionados seeking comfort and escape.
Cigar Chateau (Wichita, Kansas, United States)      Submitted by Markabish 09/30/2012 12:31 AM
Store has a large walk in humidor with a huge selection. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Large selection of humidors and accessories. Very nice smoking lounge with comfy leather chairs, fireplace and big screen TV..

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