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Indiana, United States
Mister B's Cigar Box (Avon, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/06/2012 04:26 PM
Smoker's Choice (Brownsburg, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by Rbrushaber 08/18/2013 09:23 PM
I found this shop when driving home from Indy and saw their billboard and decided to stop. Been seeing it for the past 5 years "over 10,000 cigars in stock from around the world". Always looking for a good B&M to visit so I exited I-74 and found it. At first it looked like one of those tobacco stores that you get your roll your own stuff and thought oh no another store specializing in white owls or something. When I walked in I saw some nice leather chairs and newspapers off to the right and behind that was a walk in I have not seen one the Size of this one in forever. There was a huge selection and the person working the counter was friendly, but by no means was she a cigar person and that was the only downfall. I bought a stick and left and figured I would return some other day when over in Indy. All in all it is not a bad place with your typical B&M prices but sadly not a "true" cigar place as the employee had no real cigar knowledge...she sat behind the counter smoking a cigarette and she was friendly just not they person for a new hobbyist to speak to.
Cigar Cigar (Evansville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/08/2012 10:56 AM
Visit our new Evansville Cigar Shop — Cigar! Cigar! — for a selection of hundreds of premium cigars that include many hard-to-find brands and sizes. We have the best walk-in humidor in southern Indiana and invite you to enjoy your cigar in our comfortable lounge with 60? HD TV, free Wi-Fi, complementary beverages, and a warm atmosphere that says “welcome” to all. Our shop is also equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA air filtration that thoroughly cleans the air every 3 minutes. This makes our lounge very comfortable for everyone. Whether you are a novice or an expert, one on a budget or after only the finest, CIGAR! CIGAR! welcomes you. Cigar! Cigar! is the most luxurious of all Evansville cigar shops. Visit us today!
Brair & Bean (Evansville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 11:56 AM
Briar & Bean was started in 1983, by current owners Ted and Debby Clark and have strived for more than 20 years to build a business of such high standards of quality, friendliness, dedication, and loyalty to their customers. Briar & Bean employees offer 100 years of retail experience in the smoke shop industry. Briar & Bean carries the area’s largest selection of the world’s best premium cigars and pipes. The pipe tobacco blending bar displays more than 30 of the world’s finest pipe tobacco blends, and the trained staff can assist the customer in creating his own special blend. Ted, Debby, and staff members have toured cigar, pipe and tobacco factories gathering product knowledge in the Dominican Republic, Denmark, England, and across the United States. Co-Owner, Ted Clark, is: Past President of RTDA, Past President of TAA, and currently serves as Executive Director of TAA. Without a doubt, our training, experience, and industry relationships have created an enviable selection of smoke shop products. Let our dedicated and trained staff assist you with an exciting and enjoyable smoke shop experience.
Cigar Haven (Fishers, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 02/29/2012 11:30 AM
Whether you are a veteran or know nothing at all about cigars, Cigar Haven is the place to be. We offer the classics, boutique and difficult to find cigars. You can stroll around or we are there to educate and talk cigars. We roll ‘em and smoke ‘em here at the Haven. We love our cigars and would be happy to answer questions that you have. What to smoke, how to prepare them, how to keep them—you have questions? We have answers and all the toys connected to cigars. Are you relegated to the great outdoors for your smoking pleasure? For a nominal fee, relax and smoke in our “man cave”. Cigar Haven is the premier cigar shop in the Midwest so we are a must for those that enjoy cigars and you that do not ..come by and visit Dante, the English Bulldog.
Riegel's Pipe & Tobacco Shop (Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:37 PM
It all started in a modest little cigar store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since 1874, Riegel's Pipe and Tobacco has been selling premium cigars at affordable prices, and today we're one of Midwest's largest retailers of premium cigars! Over the years we've amassed a wealth of cigar knowledge, information and resources. Our purpose is to share our expertise with the cigar smoking public. We hope you find us fun and informative, and we invite you to enjoy our smoking lounges in any of our Fort Wayne stores. Riegel's Pipe and Tobacco is one of the Midwest's largest pipe and cigar Stores. We sell premium cigars such as Alcazar Maduro, Cohiba, Kristoff, Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, Sancho Panza and many, many more. Along with cigars we also have a wide selection of pipes from makers like Ardor, Maestro De Paja, Nording, Savinelli, and many others. For your pipe smoking needs we also offer a wide variety of tobaccos and pipe accessories, as well as cigar accessories and humidors. Riegel's is a family business. Our passions are Cigars, Pipes and Tobacco. Our success is due to our vast experience, selection, and we treat you like family when you walk in the door. Whether you are an aficionado or are new to Cigars and Pipes, we'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our passion. Thank you to the many loyal and dedicated customers we've had over the years. We'll see you again soon!
Esquire Cigar Club (Ft. Wyane, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:17 PM
Esquire Cigar houses the only walk-in Humidor of its size in the Tri-state area. We have over 250 types of premium cigars. You should never have a problem finding a Smoke that is an extension of your personality or a delight to your pallet. We are meticulous about our humidity, temperature and the accessories we sell. More than a mere store front cigar shop, Esquire Cigar remembers when people sealed business over a hand shake. We have formed a club that fosters casual, social business relationships and, we hope, many friendships. The store itself is an old historic schoolhouse circa 1878. If you live in the Fort Wayne area, you've probably driven past it many times. It was important that our building was a symbol of who we are, and what Fort Wayne is.
The Cigar Box (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:39 PM
Imported Hand Made Cigars, Pipes & Pipe Tobacco, Leather Pouches, Imported Hand Made Cigars, Cigar Humidors, Cigar Cutters, Quality Imported Cigars, Humidors, Cutter's & Accessories
Randy's Tobacco Shop (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 02/29/2012 11:35 AM
A Brief History- Our current history begins in September 1989, when our company President and Owner, Randy Biggs, purchased a franchised tobacco store from Tinder Box International. During this period, the 382 square foot tobacco shop specialized in Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes, Lighters, and collectible gifts. Randy knew at the time of purchase that he wanted to restructure the store and go back to being a traditional tobacco store. Because of that desire, in 1992, Tinder Box at Lafayette Square Mall ceased to exist and the name was changed to THE TOBACCO SHOP of Indianapolis. In June 1996, THE TOBACCO SHOP moved out of Lafayette Square Mall and into a 2000 square foot location. The store was located at 4660 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. In January 2007, Randy's TOBACCO SHOP moved to the back side of the strip mall, into a 4000 square foot location. This is where the store is today. It is located at 3854 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254. This location is at the corner of 38th Street and Lafayette Road, behind Arby's, just off of I-65 South in Indianapolis, and just about a mile north of the Indianapolis 500 Race Track. -Who we are and what we do- We here at Randy's Tobacco Shop strive to be the best personal tobacconists around. In Indianapolis, we have many loyal customers who frequent our place every day for hours on end. We have a private smoking lounge for our cigar smokers, with 8 comfortable high back chairs and 5 tables that seat 4 people each, there is always enough room to come and relax. The private lounge also has a coffee bar and 3 TV's. We also have a members only private lounge which is undeniably comfortable. This room has 2 couches, 4 oversized leather, 2 high back cloth chairs, private humidor lockers and much more. In 1996 Randy decided to expand our store to the online world. In doing so, we hope to provide you, the online shopper, with the best tobacco anywhere, and bring the Personal Service we are known for to our Online Store. We provide the best quality cigars, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco and accessories that you can buy. We refuse to sell items that are not up to our standards. From our premium hand-made cigars, to our own private label cigarette tobacco, each item is exceptional in quality. So please, look around, you're sure to find what your looking for, and we will do our part to make sure your online experience is as good as if you were visiting our Physical Store. Sorry, cigarette tobacco can only be sold in our physical retail store.
Pipe Puffer Smoke Shop (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 02/29/2012 11:32 AM
Nicky Blaine’s (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by Akkahuna 06/26/2012 06:52 AM
Nicky Blaine's is the premier full service nightclub and lounge of downtown Indianpolis. Their menu features nearly 100 specialty martinis, a fully stocked scotch bar, a vast array of liquors and liquers, appetizers and desserts , glass and bottle wine and champagne, as well as an extensive cigar selection.
Indy Cigar Bar (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:22 PM
Indy Cigar Bar, a vintage 1900's American Bourbon Bar featuring 44 rare bourbons. Located across from Keystone Crossing Fashion Mall, Indy Cigar Bar is the premiere cigar shop & cigar bar in Indianapolis. Stop by to enjoy our fully stocked humidor featuring Davidoff cigars, bourbon, single malt scotch, fine wine/ports and the only Diamond Crown cigar lounge in Indianapolis.
Hardwicke's Cigar and tobacco shop (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by Rbrushaber 07/07/2013 04:53 PM
Small older shop right in the circle center of downtown Indianapolis. Well stocked for its size but only has humidors not walk ins like a lot of places. Prices are reasonable, especially for a store right downtown. Their store brands are actually good. When strolling the circle Center this is a mist stop just to smell the cigars and buy one to support the local small guys. Staff was extremely friendly and went out of his way to help me and the wife select or Cigar for the stroll through downtown.
Chairman's Cigar Lounge (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:14 PM
Nice smoke shop with a well appointed/ furnished smoking lounge, helpful staff
BUDA Lounge (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:01 PM
Bu DaLounge is an Asian-Inspired Cigar Martini Bar with a warm, lush, opulent atmosphere. Beyond offering Indy's best Asian dishes, Bu Da Lounge stocks a full range of cigars, cocktails, fine wines, sakes and Asian beers, bottled and on tap.
Youngstown Cigar Shop (Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:46 PM
This shop can be a bit difficult to find. It is located off on 10th street behind Mai Thai Restaurant. A great place to smoke. Leather couches, sandwiches and coffee available and a reasonable humidor.
Crossroads Cigars (Lafayette, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by Rbrushaber 07/03/2013 01:33 PM
Found this nice quite shop when looking for a place to join others and find those special cigars you can only find in a small shop. Staff is very friendly and they have a well stocked humidor. They also have a very nice seating area with flat screen TV and it is a great place to relax with new friends. Overall we need to support small shod like this one.
Churchill Cigars (Madison, Indiana, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by stogiemon 05/28/2010 11:17 AM
Located in the heart of historic downtown Madison, Indiana, Churchill Cigars is a real gem. They have one of the largest selections in the area. This place may be small but it has a great vibe for hanging out with a few friends. The seating inside is limited, but throughout most of the year, there are tables and chairs out on the sidewalk. Madison is a beautiful small town, and outside is appropriate for a relaxing smoke. The entire downtown area is a Registered Historic Landmark, if that gives you any idea. The owners of Churchill Cigars also own a French Bistro next door called Chez Danielle's. There you will find great food, coffees, and a full selection of beer and wines, which are welcome in the cigar shop. The walls are lined with stand-up display humidors, they have a big screen TV, and a chessboard ready for the next challenger. The staff is very friendly, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of cigars, tobacco, and the industry. A great place to check out if you are passing through southern Indiana. You can find a slideshow of pics by looking through my blog at:
Karma Tobacco and Cigars (Merrillville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by podman28 03/23/2009 07:35 PM
Tinder Box (Mishawaka, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 12:43 PM
The Tinder Box in Mishawaka, Indiana has a fine selection of all your favorite cigars. We stock Acid, Cohiba, CAO, Partagas, Baccarat, Punch, Excalibur, Nat Sherman, Arturo Fuente, Padron, La Gloria Cubana, Gurkha, Montecristo, Ashton, Oliva, and Macanudo ...among many others. Our tobacco club gives you 8 ounces free... We have a pipe club in which after you buy six pipes, the cost is averaged and applied to a seventh pipe. Our tobacco club, gives you 8 ounces free after purchasing 40 ounces. Speaking of pipes, we are proud to specialize in a fine selection of pipes handcrafted by Stanwell, Peterson, Savinelli, Jirsa, Nording and Ascorti. We also feature a great selection of meerschaum pipes from SMS Meerschaum. If you are looking for hookahs and shisha? Look no further. We have what you are looking for. Be sure to take a look at our selection of Xikar and Zippo lighters. Our cigar club is buy ten boxes or bundles and apply the average of those purchases to your eleventh. We also offer Smokebot electronic cigarettes and accessories.
Carmacks Cigar Shop (Noblesville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 02/29/2012 11:28 AM
Carmack's Cigar and Tobacco Shop is located just 15 minutes from the north side of Indianaplois, Indiana on the beautiful historic downtown square of Noblesville. Carmack's has one of the largest selections of premium cigars in the Midwest with some of the best prices. Our huge selection includes all your favorites like Padron Anniv., Opus X, Don Pepin Garcia, Tatuaje, C.A.O., Rocky Patel, Casa Magna, Kristoff, Acid, La Flor Dominicana and many, many more to choose from. Carmack's also has an large selection of cigar accessories and stocks more than 50 cigar humidors at the lowest prices. Carmack's also has a large selection of premium pipes and over 60 pipe tobaccos for your smoking pleasure. Pipes like Peterson, Nording, Savinelli, and Paronelli to name a few. Buy a smoke here and sit in one of our 36 leather chairs and watch one of our 5 flat-screen televisions by the fireplace. Or pull up a seat at the poker table and play a friendly hand of Texas Hold'em.
Angelina's Cigars (Plymouth, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 11:50 AM
We’re a gathering place for people who love fine cigars. You’ll meet some interesting characters here in the smoking lounges attached to our stores, maybe some old friends and definitely some new ones. We all share one simple thing in common...we appreciate the opportunity to smoke a fine cigar in a comfortable, friendly place.
Omni Tabacconist (Schererville, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by bstessl 01/12/2014 03:04 AM
Wabash Cigar Store, Inc (Terre Haute, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by Rbrushaber 09/11/2013 10:41 PM
Nice shop owned by a couple who stock some really nice cigars. Then are in business since 1959 and are still gong strong. They are very friendly and eagar to show you around and explain their stock. We stop in when ever we are at ISU visiting our son and before the games. The sometimes have special events. Nice local B& hard to find anymore.
Angelina's Cigars (Warsaw, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by irratebass 03/04/2012 11:53 AM
We’re a gathering place for people who love fine cigars. You’ll meet some interesting characters here in the smoking lounges attached to our stores, maybe some old friends and definitely some new ones. We all share one simple thing in common...we appreciate the opportunity to smoke a fine cigar in a comfortable, friendly place.
Linkster's Cigar Emporium (Winamac, Indiana, United States)      Submitted by GBRADSHAW 05/07/2014 07:44 AM
A great selection of premium cigars, humidors and accessories. Their friendly staff is prepared to offer professional, informed knowledge and service.

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