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Makati City, Philippines
Tabacalera Cigar Lounge (Makati City, Philippines)      Submitted by southernrun 12/30/2011 05:29 AM
The Tabacalera Cigar Lounge is located at the corporate head office of Tabacalera Incorporada, Asia's oldest cigar company and the home of the true Manila Cigar. Of course, all cigars for sale are exclusively Tabacalera brands (Tabacalera, Don Juan Urquijo, 1881, Alhambra). They sell pack of 3, 5 and boxes of 10 and 25. You can also buy singles from their humidor to enjoy in their lounge (plush leather seats, great ventilation--an overall classy experience). They have a vast selection of single malts (highlands, lowlands, islay), and a few exclusive tequilas and cognacs. Food is available through their fine dining partner, 'Alpha' (headed by Chef Billy King, from Manila's Le Souffle). If it's too early for spirits, then you can have a cup of gourmet brewed coffee or any other refreshment with your cigar. The lounge hostesses are very knowledgeable and even ask if you want your cigar cut or punched (then light it perfectly with a blow torch). If your cigar dies out because of great conversation, the hostess will gladly relight your cigar whenever you want. Although it is a new office and lounge, you can still feel the 130 years of tradition through the walls of the establishment. For me, this is the best cigar lounge in the Philippines.
Outback Steakhouse (Makati City, Philippines)      Submitted by southernrun 12/30/2011 05:32 AM
Although they don't sell cigars in this establishment, their smoking area is cigar friendly and usually frequented by foreign tourists that want to have a stogie with their fresh draft San Miguel Pale Pilsen (the best beer in the country). Since Outback is an Australian Steakhouse, you can imagine how vast their food and beverage menu is.

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