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Chatan, Okinawa , Japan
I's Public Ale House (Chatan, Okinawa , Japan)      Submitted by Tee 08/02/2014 07:13 PM
I noticed there wasn't any postings for Japan. So here's a great place for those traveling to Okinawa, which has a large US military presence. Japan regulates all tobacco products, so expect to pay more regardless of where you go in the country. I’s bar (ale house) has a great selection of Habanos. Cigars are sourced through Pacific Cigar Co. licensed distrubutor for Habanos SA. Located across from starbucks outside Camp Lester. If exiting starbucks parking lot, it’s at your 11o’clock acrosse the street, situated on the second floor next to an open parking lot. There is a one-way street, I’s bar is left of the one-way street. Open 5pm – 1am; closed sundays and every fourth monday of the month. accepts Yen/Dollar, no credit cards. I-San and his wife speak English and the menu - yes, there is a cigar menu - is in English. Hand crafted micro-brew beers are on tap. And there's food like fish&chips, shepard's pie, etc. Cheers!

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