Geek Critique Reviewer Guidelines & Etiquette

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Congratulations on being chosen as a Geek Critique reviewer! In order to make the experience for all those involved a fun and productive one, please read the following information before you accept the invitation.
Geek Critique Reviewer Guidelines & Etiquette
It is important that your review meet the specific deadlines posted in the coordinating thread. Usually the deadline date is set 5 or 6 days before the actual posting date. This time window allows us the flexibility to edit the reviews, attach a picture of the chosen cigar, and insert other pertinent information regarding sponsorship.

In order to coordinate Geek Critiques monthly, and sometimes twice monthly without disrupting the schedule, it is imperative that we stay ahead of the curve and meet our deadlines. The time schedule is important because in exchange for a sponsor's donation of cigars, shipping costs and time, we promise to advertise their sponsorship as well as the results the reviews of their chosen cigar. We guarantee specifics dates for front page coverage here on our site.

If you are participating in a Member Sponsored Geek Critique, please keep in mind that the sponsoring member has graciously donated the cigars, the postage costs, and their time and has specifically chosen you as a reviewer.

A cigar will be mailed out to you well in advance in order to give you ample time for smoking and reviewing. If you experience an unforeseeable event which hinders your ability to meet the deadline, please communicate your plight to either the member sponsoring the Geek Critique or the hosting administrator.

If you choose to accept our invitation, please confirm your participation in the coordinating thread. When you receive the cigar(s), posting an additional confirmation note in the thread is required, as well as occasionally visiting the coordinating thread to check for any current updates regarding the review process.

Friendly due date reminders are posted regularly as the deadlines approaches. A link to the Geek Critique reviewing form will also be posted in the coordinating thread approximately two weeks before the due date. If you wish to do your review earlier, please contact the hosting administrator.

In addition to your full length Geek Critique review, you are welcome to post a version of, or the same one altogether within our regular review structure, however, please refrain from doing so until after all the Geek Critiques in your group have been posted live.

If you accept to review, then we are looking forward to your participation. Have fun with it!

Please double check to be sure that your current mailing address is posted in your profile.


Retailers or CG members who wish to sponsor a Geek Critique may choose from the following three options. Please contact an administrator to help you coordinate your choice:

1. Retail Sponsored Geek Critique

The retailer donates 5 identical cigars as well as the cost of shipping those cigars to our 5 chosen reviewers. This structure is either set up by a member who makes initial contact with a retailer, or by a retailer who makes direct contact with us. A CG administrator hosts a coordinating thread.

2. Member Sponsored Geek Critique

A CG member supplies the 5 cigars, chooses the 5 reviewers, and ships the cigars to the chosen reviewers. He/She also hosts the coordinating thread once initially posted by an administrator.

3. Cosponsored Geek Critique

A retailer supplies the 5 cigars and a Cigar Geeks member ships them to his/her chosen reviewers. CG member hosts the coordinating thread after the initial posting by an administrator.

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